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Steps to Endorsement®

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  Learn more about Endorsement® by reading the Competency Guidelines®

Attend an Endorsement Office Hour where FAIMH will confirm your best-fit Endorsement® Category. Once you attend at least 1 Office Hour to have your best-fit category confirmed, you will be able to reserve your slot in the 2022 Endorsement Cohorts.


Now that FIMH-E® application is open to the public, you will be able to reserve your slot in an upcoming Endorsement® cohort. Once you are invited to reserve your slot, your journey through the application process beings with you registering in EASy (FAIMH’s secure web-based Endorsement® application software). After you complete your registration, you will receive notification from the Endorsement Coordinator regarding whether your application has been accepted.

 Read more about how to prepare with the Getting Started Guide for your category

You will be assigned an Endorsement® Advisor who will guide you through your Endorsement® Application. Additionally, there is an in-system help tool and in-system messaging that allows you to ask questions along the way.


Complete your Endorsement® Application. EASy will require you to agree to FAIMH’s Endorsement® Agreement and Code of Ethics. Applicants are required to complete each tab of the EASy application including Education, Work, Trainings, Supervision, and References.

Every applicant has 90 days to submit their application once they have registered in EASy. This tends to be ample time, as it generally takes Infant Family Associate or Infant Family Specialist applicants 3-5 hours, and takes approximately 7-10 hours for Infant Mental Health Specialist or Mentor applicants.


Once your application is complete, you may submit it for review. Be sure to submit your completed application by the deadline.

Submitted applications will undergo a 2-tier review by FAIMH’s Endorsement® Reviewing Team. Infant Family Associate and Infant Family Specialist are notified of their status of their Endorsement® after the reviewing process is complete.


Infant Mental Health Specialist and Infant Mental Health Mentor (Clinical, Policy, and Research/Faculty) applications are reviewed and notified regarding eligibility to sit for the Endorsement® Exam. Infant Mental Health Specialist and Infant Mental Health Mentor Applicants will also need to successfully pass the Endorsement® Exam.


The Florida Association for Infant Mental Health is part of the Alliance for the Advancement of Infant Mental Health.

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