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FAIMH strives to build a community where all children in Florida will be nurtured, emotionally healthy and ready to learn, to develop, and to reach their full potential. FAIMH achieves this by supporting and strengthening the infant and early childhood mental health workforce to better serve the young children and families of Florida together with our local FAIMH Chapters.

The Florida Association for Infant Mental Health (FAIMH) was born in September 2000

when state leaders developed the Florida Strategic Plan for Infant Mental Health. FAIMH adopted the plan as their strategic guide with the local FAIMH Chapters implementing the plan in their community. FAIMH is a 501(c)3 organization in the state of Florida.

FAIMH has since grown to a premier membership organization that serves professionals in diverse fields, such as early education, early intervention, child welfare, mental health, social work, psychology and psychiatry. FAIMH's members are students studying in these fields, early care and education providers caring for our community's children, early intervention and developmental specialists, mental health providers, healthcare providers, program specialists, managers and administrators of programs. FAIMH members represent a multitude of roles and organizations which all serve infants, young children and their families in various capacities across Florida.


FAIMH continues to be the forum for supporting and connecting Florida's professionals, s sharing resources, supporting professional development through its Training Academy established in 2019 and offering the Florida Infant Mental Health Endorsement (FIMH-E). 

Join the community who shares your passion for supporting our youngest Floridians!

Who We Are and What We Stand For

Values and Code of Ethical Conduct

​Our Vision: One day all children will be emotionally healthy, equipped to learn, and nurtured to
develop their full potential.

Our Mission: To support and strengthen an infant mental health workforce to better serve the
young children and families of Florida.

Our values are the guiding principles which we apply across the organization and underpin how
our work is carried out. The Florida Association for Infant Mental Health is guided by our beliefs and
commitment to:

Relationships and Partnerships Built on Respect
Community and Seeking Inclusiveness
Quality and Striving for Excellence
Integrity Fostered by Credibility and Ethics
Diversity through Equitable Access



Code of Ethical Conduct

Core Principle: As professionals, we are responsible for adding value to FAIMH and contributing to
the ethical success of the organization. We accept professional responsibility for our individual
decisions and actions. We are also advocate for FAIMH by engaging in activities that enhance its
credibility and value.

· To build respect and credibility for the profession within groups, and communities.
· To assist FAIMH in achieving its objectives and goals.
· To inform and educate professionals about IMH principles and practices.
· To positively influence workforce and professional development practices.
· To encourage professional decision-making and responsibility.

1. Adhere to the highest standards of ethical and professional behavior.
2. Measure the effectiveness of our services in contributing to or achieving organizational goals.
3. Comply with the local, federal and state laws.
4. Work consistent with the values of the profession.
5. Strive to achieve the highest levels of service, performance and social responsibility.

Core Principle: As professionals we must strive to meet the highest standards of competence and
commit to strengthen our competencies on a continuous basis.

Intent: To expand our knowledge of our field to further our understanding of how our organizations

1. Pursue formal academic opportunities.
2. Commit to continuous learning, skills development and application of new knowledge.
3. Contribute to the evolution of the profession and the growth of individuals.
4. Pursue measures of competencies and knowledge.

Core Principle: FAIMH professionals are expected to exhibit individual leadership as a role model for
maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct.

Intent: To set the standard and be an example for others in order to earn respect and increase our
credibility as an organization.

1. Be ethical; act ethically in every professional interaction.
2. Professional complies with and is bound by their own discipline's ethical standards
3. Question actions when necessary to ensure that decisions are ethical and are implemented in an
ethical manner.
4. Seek expert guidance if ever in doubt about the ethical propriety of a situation.
5. Through teaching and mentoring, champion the development of others as ethical leaders.


Core Principle: As FAIMH professionals, we are ethically responsible for promoting and fostering
fairness and justice for all employees, volunteers and their organizations.

Intent: To create and sustain an environment that encourages all individuals and the organization
to reach their fullest potential in a positive and productive manner.

1. Respect the uniqueness and intrinsic worth of every individual.
2. Treat people with dignity, respect and compassion to foster a trusting environment free of
harassment, intimidation, and unlawful discrimination.
3. Assure an environment of inclusiveness and a commitment to diversity.
4. Develop policies and procedures that foster fair, consistent and equitable treatment for all.
5. Regardless of personal interests, support decisions made that are both ethical and legal.

Core Principle: We must maintain a high level of trust to protect the interests of FAIMH, as well as
our professional integrity and should not engage in activities that create actual, apparent, or potential
conflicts of interest.

Intent: To avoid activities that are in conflict or may appear to be in conflict with any of the provisions
of this Code of Ethical and Professional Standards or with one's responsibilities and duties as a
member of the profession and/or as an employee, volunteer or in the service of any organization.


1. Adhere to and advocate the use of published policies on conflicts of interest.
2. Refrain from using your position for personal, material or financial gain or the appearance of such.
3. Refrain from giving or seeking preferential treatment.
4. Prioritize obligations to identify conflicts of interest or the appearance thereof; when conflicts arise,
disclose them.

Core Principle: FAIMH professionals consider and protect the rights of individuals, especially in the
acquisition and dissemination of information while ensuring truthful communications and facilitating
informed decision-making.

Intent: To build trust among all constituents by maximizing the exchange of information, while
eliminating inappropriate and/or inaccurate acquisition and sharing of information


1. Acquire and disseminate information through ethical and responsible means.
2. Ensure only appropriate information is used in decisions affecting working relationships.
3. Investigate the accuracy and source of information before allowing it to be used in decisions.
4. Maintain current and accurate information.
5. Safeguard restricted or confidential information.
6. Take appropriate steps to ensure the accuracy and completeness of all communicated information.



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