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FAIMH Events - 2016

First5Thrive - Statewide Training Day

October 13, 2016

FAIMH Chapters throughout Florida will be hosting local trainings on October 13, 2016

on the topic of Developing Social-Emotional Competence in Young Children.

Sessions will include information on social-emotional development, skill development for working with families and their young children, and an introduction to the NEW Florida Infant Mental Health Competency System.


Registration info will be anounced soon!

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Partner Events - 2016

2016 Florida Child Welfare Dependency Summit

September 07, 2016

Orlando, FL


Several FAIMH Board Members will be presenting at the Summit. Don't miss the sessions focusing on infants and young children!

59th Annual FLAEYC Conference

September 23, 2016

Orlando, FL


There will be a special track of sessions by FAIMH Board Members on Friday Sept. 22, 2016. Don't miss out on our focus on infant mental health!

4-Day Circle of Security Parenting Training

November 07, 2016

Tampa, FL

This ​4-Day Circle ​of ​Security® ​Parenting™ ​seminar ​trains ​professionals ​to ​use ​an ​eight ​chapter ​DVD ​to ​educate ​caregivers. ​The ​program ​presents ​video ​examples ​of ​secure ​and ​problematic ​parent/child ​interaction, ​healthy ​options ​ in ​caregiving, ​and ​animated ​graphics ​designed ​to ​clarify ​principles ​central ​to ​COS.

Zero to Three Annual Conference

December 07, 2016

New Orleans, LA



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