FIMH-E® is currently in the pilot phase and will open to the public in 2022

Florida Endorsement® Registry

We are proud to have the following professionals in communities throughout Florida who have earned the Endorsement for Culturally Relevant, Relationship-Focused Practice Promoting Infant and Early Childhood Mental Heath®.

Endorsement Leaders, in bold, are professionals who are currently supporting Endorsement® by advising applicants, reviewing applications, vetting Reflective Supervisors/Consultants, or have served in the leadership of FAIMH as we launched Endorsement® in our state over the past several years. FAIMH is deeply grateful for their service & support.

Ashley Anderson

Crystal Burns

Marie Mica Charles

Neysha Dominguez

Deborah Goldberg

Melissa Hayes

Keshia Jenkins

Twila Jowers 

Jennifer Mitchell

Regina Moffett Ellis

Yunely Perdomo

Wedlin Ramos

Linda Santiago

Robin Sivertsen

Anna Weismantel

Maria F Angee

Evelyn Angulo

Ana Maria Atehortua

Maribel Benavides

Jennifer Black

Nicole Bortnik

Sara Bower

Sinziana Bularca

Santorri Chamley-Watson

Sandra Cordovi

Jeribeth De Perez

Anne DiFini

Keisha Escoffery

Nehemie Etienne

Linda Falk-Howard

Darsy Galvez

Pat Grosz

Emperatriz Guzman

Tatiana Hidalgo-Ferrer

Anne Hogan

Debra Jordan

Thamousca Junis-Florian

Diane Koch

Margarita Lauria

Delfina Ledesma Estupinan

Chris Lester

Maria Mogollon

Veronica Montoya

Jessica Moreno

Ruby Natale

Melinda Perry

Dayanes Rodriguez

Paola Rojas-Arriessecq

Shabel Santiago

Denise Saunders

Atiya Spellman

Gregory VanPelt

Jenna Waterbury

Lina Zelcer

Elizabeth Erban

Cindy Horwitz

Meredith Piazza


Karen Adams

Leslie Allen

Silvia Alvarez McBride

Susan Amore

Janette Bogie

Veronica Castro

Christine Chaffin

Heidy Garcia

Cecily Hardin

Julieta Hernandez

Angie Hilken

Harleen Hutchinson

Jacqueline Malone

Noemi Marquez

Roxanne Mayorca

Lisa Negrini

Clarissa Pinkney-DeWitt

Tania Ramirez

Kimberly Renk

Maite Schenker

Kristie Skoglund

Christine Hughes Pontier

Allison Parish

Heather Agazzi

Want to Know More about Endorsement®?

Endorsement involves a standardized process to determine that a professional has accumulated specialized experiences in the infant and early childhood field and has signed a Code of Ethics. All applicants receive a copy of the Code of Ethics. An applicant’s experiences are documented by the submission of an application that details competency-based training, specialized work experiences, and for most, reflective supervision/consultation (RSC) experiences. The application also includes official transcripts and three reference ratings. Endorsees as Infant Mental Health Specialist and Infant Mental Health Mentor have passed an exam that includes measures of theoretical knowledge, direct service skills, and their capacity to apply these principles into practice. This exam is scored by a team of two reviewers who are blind to the identity of the examinee. 


To maintain Endorsement also requires ongoing training and, in the cases of Infant Family Specialist, Infant Health Specialist and Infant Health Mentor-Clinical, ongoing RSC. Endorsees are also required to re-commit to upholding the Code of Ethics annually. Beginning in January of 2022, this commitment includes signing an attestation that the endorsee has not been sanctioned by a licensing board.


Endorsement is not a professional license or a certificate. FIMH-E® cannot guarantee the quality of service of any endorsed professional FIMH-E® does not include a process by which complaints or concerns regarding ethics can be filed. If FIMH-E® becomes aware of possible ethics violations by an endorsed professional, complainants are encouraged to, when applicable, contact the individual's professional licensing board. The FIMH-E® does not offer monitoring for ethics violations, however if FAIMH learns that an endorsed professional has been sanctioned by a licensing board, the individual’s name is moved to the Inactive Endorsement Registry.

Please contact the Endorsement Coordinator at for details.

The Florida Association for Infant Mental Health is part of the Alliance for the Advancement of Infant Mental Health.