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Getting Started Guides

These forms are an optional (but strongly recommended) self-study to help assess your experiences and determine what additional specialized training might be necessary to meet the competencies and earn Florida IMH Endorsement®. 


1. Read the Competency Guidelines®, paying special attention to the specifics of the requirements of the category for which you are applying.

2. Review your resume/vita and gather your in-service training records.

3. Look at what you have done using the self-study guide.


4. Keep in mind that during a formal application review, a minimum of two trained reviewers will comprehensively examine your materials and come to agreement about whether or not you have met the requirements and the competencies.


5. Identify gaps e.g., competency areas where you feel you have not yet had enough specialized education or in-service training.


6. Find in-service training opportunities to help you fill in any identified gaps in the knowledge/skill areas. ​

7. Questions? Contact FAIMH’s Endorsement Coordinator at

You may also find the following helpful in preparing for your Endorsement® application



The Florida Association for Infant Mental Health is part of the Alliance for the Advancement of Infant Mental Health.

The Florida Association for Infant Mental Health has developed an Endorsement Journal™ to further assist FAIMH members in compiling the information needed for EASy for each Category.  Please log in as a member for access to this document.

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