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The following materials will help you understand WHY faces are essential to babies and young children.


From Conscious Discipline:

The Task of the Mask (PDF)

Why are Faces Essential? - Spanish/español (PDF)

Supporting Young Children through Stressful Times (PDF)

Why are Faces Essential? - Creole/kreyol (PDF)

From Conscious Discipline:

Coronavirus is a Big Word (PDF)

Transitioning Back to the Classroom (PDF)

From the National Child Traumatic Stress Network: Trinka & Sam Fighting the Big Virus (PDF)

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For specific populations, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests transparent masks as an option.

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Why "Faces Are Essential" for Babies
by FAIMH's Dr. Neil Boris
How to Interact Responsively
from Harvard's Center on the Developing Child
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More Coming Soon!
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